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R A Y + G O O D E Candle Co. was born out of an itch to create, and to share a product that we ourselves would love to use - and trust me, we are burning these candles all over the house and office! 

A glowing candle that fills the room with soft light and an inviting, homely scent is something we've always taken comfort in. Candles that we have typically loved are often at a really high price point and it's been a rare treat to buy or be gifted one. 

We wanted to emulate the quality and aesthetic of the high end brands, but at a much more favourable cost - bringing you candles that you can enjoy more regularly without compromising on very more-ish unique scents, strong scent throws and longevity. Not to mention they look cute to boot!



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In our lovely candles you'll find a premium all natural wax made up of 90% coconut wax and a 10% blend of soy & vegetable wax. The addition of these other waxes help to enhance burn quality & scent throw. Coconut wax is made from cold pressing the oil out of coconut meat, which is then processed to produce a naturally creamy white wax, allowing for a clean and minimalist look.

Despite the origin of the wax, the candles are not tainted by a coconut smell, and stay true to the fragrance oils they've been scented with. Coming to think of it though, a coconut scented candle may be a great addition to our collection...

With coconut wax, you’ll find that you experience a long, clean burn and a scent throw to match or reportedly exceed that of typical soy, and especially paraffin wax alternatives.

Each candle is made in our home studio in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. All of them are hand mixed, poured, labelled and packaged with care by our owner Morven (and sometimes with a hand from her dear friends), ensuring a consistent quality - so you get a pretty package that delivers, every time. 

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